At the Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering, we specialize in making research databases available through web-based interfaces. Many of these databases contain biological data and usually include a spatial component. In addition to providing text-based query tools and results, we also create web-based mapping interfaces that integrate database contents, allowing the user to (1) visualize the data in context of their geographic location, and (2) query the map to return values from the associated database. We develop primarily in Perl and PHP and use a number of open source GIS tools, many of which are mentioned below. In addition to developing web-based interfaces, we also perform data cleaning, processing, manipulation, and analysis, mainly with ArcGIS but also using AMLs and/or GDAL and PROJ.4 to automate processing.


MapServer Interfaces - Our MapServer interfaces run on a Linux server and are created completely with Open Source Software, including MapServer, PHP Mapscript, PHP, GDAL, PROJ.4, and a host of useful libraries.

National Forest Service Lichen Air Quality Monitoring Program   [toggle description]
IHN Virus Database Interface   [toggle description]
Oregon Topographic Map (DRG) Viewer   [toggle description]
LTER Interactive GIS Viewer   [toggle description]
AVIRIS Flightline Generator   [toggle description]

ArcIMS Interfaces - Our ArcIMS interfaces run on a Solaris server. We have developed sites around both the HTML and Java-based viewer templates, mainly using JavaScript for customization of functionality and appearance.

H.J. Andrews LTER Site   [toggle description]
Bottomline Density Management Study Area   [toggle description]


The NACSE computing facility supports multiple platforms (Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Win32, Mac OS X). Our GIS and database servers are powered primarily by Solaris and Linux (RHEL). We have the full ESRI ArcGIS suite installed on several Win32 workstations, and use Quantum GIS and JUMP GIS on our Linux desktop workstations. We also use GRASS and GMT on certain projects. We maintain non-spatial production databases in Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, and spatial databases in PostgreSQL/PostGIS.


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