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Related literature on Lobaria pulmonaria
habitat: mixed conifer and deciduous forest, Other lichen in the same habitat

Characteristics of Lobaria pulmonaria (L.) Hoffm.

  • Soredia: on ridges or lobe margins
  • Lobules: no
  • Isidia: yes
  • Podetia: no
  • Reproductive Body: apothecium rust
  • Body Type: foliose
  • Unstratified: no
  • Life Form: lobes loosely attached
  • Hollow lobes: no
  • Central cord: no
  • Lobe shape: strap-shaped not channeled
  • Rhizines:
  • Cilia margin: no
  • Simple perforate: yes
  • Cyphellae: no
  • Pseudocyphellae: no
  • Lobe Color, inside: white
  • Lobe Color, underneath: tan-with tomentum
  • Surface Color: yellow-green
  • Surface texture: veined-bottom
  • Wrinkles: lower surface
  • Cephalodia: yes internal pockets
  • Papillae: no
  • Fibrilles on Branches: no
  • Spore type: septate
  • Spore size (um):
  • Lobe Width: more than 10 mm
  • Lobe Range Width: 10 mm - 20 mm
  • Medullar C Reaction: negative
  • Medullar K Reaction: positive y- to orange
  • Medullar KC Reaction: ambiguous
  • Medullar P Reaction: positive orange
  • Areolate: not areolate
  • Algae: green
  • Iodine Test:
  • Cortex C:
  • Cortex K:
  • Cortex P:
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