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The tables below contain data for the entire basin of interest. On the map, each basin is divided into "basin-country" polygons, with each polygon being represented by a single row in the tables below. A highlighted row indicates the specific basin-country polygon that you clicked on the map.





Basin Name Country Code Area (sq km) Population Population Density (persons/sq km)
Shu/Chu Kazakhstan SHUR_KAZ 185,779 644,800 3.47
Shu/Chu Kyrgyzstan SHUR_KGZ 14,066 1,640,000 116.59
Basin-wide: 199,845 2,284,800 11.43


Oak Ridge National Labrotory (2008). LANDSCAN 2007 Global Population Dataset. Available at






   Water Stress

Basin delineation: Wolf, A.T., Natharius, J.A., et al. (1999)
Data taken from global datasets and are for comparative purposes only.
Data are not accurate for individual basins less than 25,000 sq. km.

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