Events: Issue Type
Border Issues Events relating to rivers as shared borders/boundaries
Economic Development General economic/regional development
Fishing Events relating to fishing
Flood Control/Relief Events relating to flooding, flood control, flood damage, flood relief
Hydro-power/Hydro-electricity Events relating to hydro-electricity or hydro-power facilities
Infrastructure/Development Events relating to the infrastructure or development projects, including dams, barrages, draining of swamps for development purposes, canals.
Irrigation Events relating to irrigation of agricultural areas
Joint Management Events involving joint management of basin or water resources, especially where the management concerns cover a range of issue areas
Navigation Events relating to navigation, shipping, ports
Technical Cooperation/Assistance Events relating to technical or economic cooperation or assistance, including project evaluations or river surveys and funds for ranges of improvements to water-related technology/infrastructure
Territorial Issues Events relating to territorial claims, where the territory is associated with a water body, e.g., a river island
Water Quality Events relating to water quality or water-related environmental concerns
Water Quantity Events relating to water quantity
For more information: See Basins at Risk: Water Event Database Methodolody