Treaty of peace between the state of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, done at Arava/Araba crossing point

Treaty Basin: Araba/Arava groundwater, Yarmuk, Jordan
Region: Asia
Date: 1994-10-26
Number of Parties: 1
Primary Issue Area: Water quantity
Allocations: Yarmuk-- Summer: Israel 12 MCM, Jordan gets the rest. Winter--Israel 13 MCM, Jordan gets the rest. Israel also takes 20 MCM for Jordanian storage in Lake Tiberias Jordan--Summer: Israel maintains current use, equal to Jordan’s. Winter: Jordan 20 MCM of the floods
Non-water Linkages: Other
Monitoring: Y
Enforcement: N
Joint Management: Y
Groundwater: Y
Agreement Finance: Y
Information Exchange: Y
Enforcement Mechanism: None
Stakeholder Participation: N.A.
Conflict Resolution: Commission
Additional Comments: Jordan also receives desalinated 10 MCM of approx. 20 MCM of saline springs. The two parties will cooperate to find an additional 50 MCM of drinkable water. Israel can take 10 MCM over and above its current groundwater withdrawals, provided such withdraw

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