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The Dam Impacts on Rivers, Ecosystems and People database has been created by The Nature Conservancy to enable decision-makers, researchers, dam-affected people and others to find documentation on the adverse ecological and social impacts that dams can have on rivers around the world. This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, as noted in the database records, such as peer-reviewed scientific papers, media reports and websites. The Nature Conservancy does not in any way certify this information for accuracy or completeness. Please refer to the primary sources. Note that a lack of documentation for a specific river or dam listed in this database does not mean that ecological or social impacts have not occurred; rather, such documentation was simply not provided in the information sources that have been researched to date. As such, the documentation presented in this database should not be considered as a comprehensive record of impacts. Note also that this database does not provide information on the many benefits of dams other than what may be listed as "dam purposes" for individual dams.

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