Willamette Fish Database

Introduction to the Willamette Fish Database

The Willamette River Fish Database is developed to provide information on the abundance and locations of native and non-native fish species in the Willamette River and its floodplain. The database includes information on each fish collected by researchers from Oregon State University and the habitats in which they were captured. The database is supplemented by information from previous studies by Oregon State University and Oregon department of Fish & Wildlife. The database on native and non-native fish communities has been developed to assist agencies and citizen groups in designing actions to conserve and restore aquatic communities in the mainstem Willamette River and its floodplain. The spatial framework for the locations and sampling protocols is based on the Slices Framework (ise.uoregon.edu/slices/main.html), a system for tracking historical and future trends in the Willamette River floodplain (see website for complete description).

This database can be queried by species, river location, or date and summary information for each query is provided. All queries can be downloaded as comma delimited files (CSV files) for use in spreadsheets or databases. Locations are reported as either river miles or river slice numbers, which are described in the Slices Framework website. The Slices website provides three sources of spatial information that can be accessed using the following links:

You can determine the location of interest from the maps in the Slices Framework and use these to access information of fish that have been collected within those spatial areas.

The spreadsheet in the Slices Framework quantifies, for each 100-m slice, the amounts of key patterns and processes circa 2000 and projected for circa 2050 by the Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium’s Conservation 2050 scenario – used by the Willamette Special investments Partnership as a guiding vision for a restored Willamette River floodplain.

The ArcGIS shapefile requires specialized hardware and software to use, but for those with access to those tools, it offers more ways to query and make use of the slices information than the PDFs or spreadsheet.

*Download may take a few minutes to begin.