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Simplified Database Schema

Database Column Names and Definitions

Column Definition
PK_Isolate_IDUnique key id
Isolation_LocationName of location where sample was taken (e.g. Chenik Lake or Gulkana Hatchery, etc).
Age_Of_FishEnumerated category (e.g. adult, fry, etc.)
Life_HistoryEnumerated category of where fish lived (e.g. Freshwater, Captive, Anadromous, etc.
OriginEnumerated category of fish origin (e.g. Hatchery, Fish farm, Wild)
Watershed_of_IsolateName of the watershed isolate came from
Fish_stockName of fish stock
Fish SpeciesName of the species of fish
RegionName of geographic region of sample
Study_NameDesignated title of study
Disease_StatusEnumerated category of the samples disease state (e.g. Unknown, Asymptomatic, Moribund, etc.)
SexBiological gender of fish
MB_Lab_ContactContact Name ?
SubbasinName of subbasin where sample was taken
LatitudeLatitude of the sample
LongitudeLongitude of the sample
Geographic NotesComments about location of sample
RPA_NotesNotes ?
Publication_ReferenceReference to publication
Virus_Alternate_NamesOther names the virus in question is known by
Composite_HaplotypeEnumerated Category ?? {string of 4 characters}
Cell_Culure_InformationFixed or varying entries ??
In_Vivo_DataDescription of Information
Month_IsolatedMonth Number
Year_IsolatedYear Number
Isolate_LabelUnique label for isolate?
cIsolateIDUnizue ID connected with Isolate record
PK_Isolate_ID_With Region

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