Simulation Interface (proof-of-concept demo using tsunami data)

This proof-of-concept interface demonstrates a model for visualization of time-variant and time-invariant layers in a single view, including the ability to animate the time-variant data. As explained in the final report, the bulk of the research work went toward devising an automated backend system for simulating changes in scenario data at each time step, and generating output to be used in visualizations. To speed the process, we utilized existing tsunami simulation data rather than climate data, but built the system in such a way that time-series climate simulation data can essentially be "plugged in" to the system, with some minor modifications. On the interface side, significant advances were made in the use of open source software to provide the dynamic display, navigation, and querying (forthcoming) of time-series datasets.

In this simulation, each green dot represents a person evacuating along established route(s), and each red X denotes a person who has become inundated by water. Because this is a proof-of-concept, very little optimization has been performed. Therefore, the interface loads map images somewhat slowly. To see more action, skip forward to around time step 110 and start the animation from there.

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