Explanation of Database Queries

Lichen Plot Data

Query the plot database to find out where lichen surveys have been conducted and to get information about physical parameters, climate, vegetation and other environmental conditions measured or modeled for these sites. Run Lichen Plot Data Query

Elemental Analysis Data

Query the elemental analysis database to find out what elemental analyses have been conducted in a geographic area of your choice, and what species were measured. Use the draft thresholds page to determine if the values observed were within ranges expected for clean sites. Run Elemental Analysis Data Query

Element Threshold Data

Query lichen species and element data for Region 6 to retrieve element threshold (percent of threshold) values for that species and element, from any plot. Run Element Threshold Data Query

Lichen Species Data

Query the lichen community database to find out what lichens have been observed in a geographic area and whether the communities at a given location contain species known to be sensitive to air pollution. Run Lichen Species Data Query