Contribute Photographs or Illustrations

Do you have a photograph or drawing that you'd like to post on this website? Perhaps a species that is not yet represented, or an image that is better than the currently posted one for that species? Perhaps you have some beautiful habitat photographs you'd like to share.

Send them to us!

Here are the conditions:
  1. You are willing to allow the photograph to be used free of charge for non-commercial, non-profit, and educational purposes, provided that you are identified as the photographer.
  2. You retain the copyright for your own pictures (i.e., you retain the right to publish your own pictures for profit-making purposes).
  3. The image is digital.
  4. The image is of a lichen species that is found in the United States, preferably but not necessarily taken in a National Forest or National Park.
  5. The image is of high quality but not larger than 3 or 4 MB (usually 1-2 MB is sufficient). Ideally it will be suitable for full-screen viewing and for printing (e.g., on 3" x 5" stock or larger).
  6. The lichen is identified, the identity of the lichen is easily determined from the image, or the lichen has been collected and is available for identification (except see item 7, next).
  7. Lichens in images that are meant to show lichen habitats do not need to be identified or identifiable.
  8. We can accept most formats - JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG are most common.
  9. For each image selected please include the following information:
    • Document name (i.e. Chabru.jpg).
    • Photographer's name.
    • Scientific name of the lichen (unless the subject is a lichen habitat, in which case please give the image a title).
    • Substrate upon which the lichen is growing.
    • Location where the lichen was photographed. A general location is best, such as the name of the forest or park or city or county, and the state. If the area is very large, then a more specific location could be included also but this information is not essential.
    • Date or year when the photograph was taken (optional).
Please send image entries electronically to Linda Geiser ( Because my email generally accepts documents no larger than 3 or 4 MB, consider sending each image in a separate email. Or send multiple images on CD to:

Linda Geiser
USDA Forest Service
PNW Region Air Program
PO Box 1148
Corvallis, OR 97339-1148